My  US passport next to my old Iraqi passport + my grandmother’s Syrian passport


My  US passport next to my old Iraqi passport + my grandmother’s Syrian passport

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I haven’t been to Church in longer than I care to admit and I’ll be going tonight for Good Friday and I feel so happy and blessed about this. Hopefully the Lord can heal my heart. Nshallah ya Rab.

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Famous Lebanese singer and composer Zaki Nassif sings Byzantine Good Friday hymn. Someone I follow just posted a different not-Fairuz version of this, and it reminded me that this recording exists and also is beautiful.

نسّجد لألامك أيها المسيح…فأرنا قيامتك المجيدة



Maaloula is one of the oldest christian village in the world and it is the only village that still speaks the language of Jesus Christ.

Al Qaeda (Nusra Front) and FSA attacked and occupied this village. Killed many innocent people and the others fled. They destroyed all the historical churches, removed all crosses from churches and burned Mosaic icons in the churches that are hundreds of year old. They burned down houses and stole most of the village’s houses.

The Syrian Army was able to force and defeat those terrorists out of the village 5 days ago.

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Mystical Supper

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Anonymous asked: Jeeez louiz, talk about being standoffish, maybe I just started following you not to long ago and am not aware of your ethnic breakup, and life

Ok, my bad.

It’s just that some people on Tumblr were really happy that my uncle died and even joked about it, saying that I deserved it, so I’m a little touchy about it. 


Anonymous asked: Inte Libaniye, what was your uncle doing in Syria?

I’ve already explained many times that I am half Syrian and I have a lot of family there (though many have now made their way to Zahle). 

Fuck off. Thanks. 


Anonymous asked: there is a reason almost all christians support bashar al-assad, but every time we give our opinion we're considered biased and what not. why do westerners think they know more about the situation in syria than christian syrians themselves?! members of the fsa are bombing up churches and killing priests, this is not what we fear they may do, this is what they're actually doing and it's not okay!

White Christians absolutely do not care about brown Christians. I don’t give a fuck about the white world’s opinion of what is happening to us. They don’t know shit and I don’t want their support.

Have you seen this video? Joumana makes me cry. She is completely ignored by a man she supports (why though?????) because his white Christian ass is not at all concerned with her real concerns. That warmongering piece of shit. 

But you’re completely right. I lost my uncle to the FSA and he didn’t even get a proper funeral for reasons you can imagine…

We have to support Assad right now because our very existence is dependent upon his victory. God bless the Syrian Arab Army.